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Day 31: THE END

31 Jan

HURRAH! HUZZAZLE! WOOPEEEEE! It’s over! Finished. Done. Over.

I wanted to finish on a high, do a 10k or smack out some hardcore interval training, but being a Monday that was never going to happen. Yesterday’s glorious long meadow run will have to serve as the glamorous finish, and today’s pre-work 2.7km will have to be the post pudding coffee; the after-eight of the running banquet.

To mix it up we decided to do the route…backwards. How daring! No, not actually running backwards, just doing the route from finish to start for a change..

This meant starting on a long uphill which I really couldn’t be bothered for, but finishing on a nice and perky downhill (and a sprint for good measure). The first song to come on my running playlist was Ultra Nate – Free. An excellent inspirational song and apt. Even though Janathon was something I chose to do and was never actually “imprisoned” by, it’s a great feeling knowing a)that I managed it and b)that it is over.

So, children, what have I learnt this month?

  • That I have more self-discipline than I had previously thought – to convert those spare 20 minutes in my morning routine from a lie-in into a 3.5km.
  • That the lyrics of club anthems are hilariously inane (cf “I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love….I wanna do it”.)
  • That running in the morning doesn’t actually affect a working day that much.
  • That I really enjoy running, especially longer runs, and that I want to do a 10k and maybe even more.
  • That I have no interest in maintaining a personal blog, but that logging runs with an online community is a big motivator.
  • That running does convert fat into muscle (last time I checked I’d lost 4cm off my stomach) but isn’t amazing for “weight loss” (6lbs.. though I may have to update this as haven’t weighed/measured this week yet)

Finally I would like to thank all my blog visitors (I had my 1000th unique visitor today!),  my fellow Janathoners for their inspiration and brilliant blogs (you are all much more motivated to write than I am…and it’s meant to be my job), JogBlog for organising and managing the whole bloody thing, Audiofuel for encouraging us along the way…my housemates Ms_G and Pneth for putting up with my smelly kit and me blabbering on about running, my brother and family for their support, and finally my running partners: NwSixDan, Zliv, Ad, JPB… it’s been emotional. Thanks for coming with me! Now some number crunching…


Today’s run:
Music: Ultra Nate and friends…

Total distance: 110km on the nose (68.4 miles)

Total time spent running: 9.7 hours (not sure how that timing works but that’s what it tells me)

Longest run: 4.6 miles/7.5km

Shortest run: 1.3miles

Fastest mile: 7.05 mins

Locations of runs: Bethnal Green (Victoria Park and the gym), West Hampstead/Fortune Green, Brixton/Clapham, Oxford and Barcelona (El Masnou)

Falls: none, hurrah (one very very near miss = flying squirrel impression)

Great sunrises: Three

Calories burnt: 7,700 (approx… about 250 a day..)


Day 28: still bloody cold

28 Jan

Why have things taken such a turn for the worse weather wise? It was freeeeeezing this morning. Not even the Arsenal hat NwSixDan gave me could help. Brrr. Not nice.

Still up and out we went for the now “usual” Fortune Green run. (route here) Just short and sweet, enough to get the lungs going and the legs working, but short enough to still have breakfast and get to work afterwards.

Can’t believe there are only three “mandatory” runs left. Janathon, it’s been emotional. Actually, it hasn’t been that emotional, and running these rather paltry distances I must say it hasn’t been too hard, either…it’s the anticipation and motivation that is the hardest part. But STILL, I’m excited about a lie in, and a sense of achievement. A good start to the year.

Distance: 2.4km
Music: Ministry of Sound Running Trax 2
PLUS my runningfree profile says I’ve covered 61 miles this month! Sure it’s not 387 miles (the leader of the leaderboard, athlete and all round MACHINE local_adventures) but it’s more than I’ve done before…ever)

Day 18: home, cold home (well almost)

18 Jan

Bit of a shock to the system this morning, forcing myself out of bed at 7.30 to get a run in before work. Lovely NwSixDan came with me AGAIN. The man deserves a rest day.

Nothing very exciting to report; we managed 1.5 miles in 13.41. The “usual” route from his flat up to Fortune Green and back, but with a little bit lopped off so we could get it over with sooner! A pretty poor pace but not bad the day after a 6km + a lot of  travelling, late night, etc. I know I’m lucky that I start work at ten so even when I have to get up “early” to run before work it’s never usually before 7.30am, but still it’s so hard when the alarm goes off and you know you could just sleep, just for a bit more, just 40 more minutes…..ugh.

Feel fine for it now though and think it has done a good job of lessening the pain of starting work again today.

Distance: 2.4km/1.5 miles
Time: 13.41
Music: Audiofuel Shoot The Breeze

Day 5: early morning face-freeze

5 Jan

This morning went a bit like this:

Alarm-ugh-groan-snooze-alarm-groan-snooze-alarm-yuk-do I have to?-ok-fine-will you come with me Dan?-yes?-go on-ok great-off we go-where’s my kit-on the floor-great-same route again?-yup-not maybe a bit shorter?-well let’s see -ok-groan-ouch-chug chug chug, plod plod plod – ow my face is so cold – here we go again – phew.

Made it. Same (West Hampstead) route, same time.

Followed it up with a nice hefty plate of scrambled eggs and off to work again. Not bad at all and happy to have clocked another 2.8km – short but it all adds up. I took some body measurements last night as I thought it would be interesting to see if all this running has any positive impact this month. I won’t post them in full on here (some things are not for sharing, thank you), but will do some weekly updates as to whether owt has changed. Mind you if I go for a run 31 days in a row and there aren’t any changes to my weight or size I will be asking #janathon for some sort of compensation.

Stats (running stats)
Distance: 2.8km
Time: 14.35
Music: Beyonce medley

Day two: same again

2 Jan

Same route, same time – off we went around Fortune Green again. Now to brunch to sit and smugly eat some eggs.  Sorry so brief – am running late* already…

update: here’s a picture of the route. I can’t find an easier way of doing this than screen grabbing it from gmaps. Any tips very welcome…

And as far as a note on the run: the audiofuel soundtrack was better than Ministry of Sound at keeping me upbeat and moving, the gloves were definitely better than the hat, and @NwSixDan was almost exactly the same number of paces ahead of me. Not a thrilling run but feels great to have been out again.

Distance: 2.8km
Time: 14.33
Music: Audiofuel Shoot The Breeze

*pun intended and probably not worth mentioning

Run one: West Hampstead quickie

1 Jan

And so it came to pass that I woke up at midday on New Year’s Day, three tequila shots (and the rest) still far too present in my system and said to @NwSixDan “ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhfffffffffffffnnnnnnnnnnnnn”. And then a while later I managed to moan “do you want to come with me then?” And thankfully he did, because he persuaded me that I didn’t need to start the month with a hefty 5k or more, and that a newly devised local 3k would do.

In the end we both felt much better for having been. Despite rarely going running, @NwSixDan keeps a great pace so I plodded along just behind him on the slightly drab rather urban route past his old school playing grounds to Fortune Green and back down Mill Lane. Last time I wore my usual kit but with gloves to keep out the cold, and this time I wore a hat instead. While I soon warmed up, my hands were still too cold so I think I’ll switch back to the gloves instead. Thrilling details that can surely only be of interest to other Janathoners.

There are 170 of us now, and it was really encouraging to read their tweets this morning before I left (and turned on that natural competitive engine that forced me out of the door). Am really looking forward to reading everyone’s blogs.

Here we are are about to set off:

Shoes: Adidas, leggings: Nike, windbreaker: Adidas, hat: Nike, cold hands: model's own.

Trainers: old, tracksuit bottoms: ripped, base layer: vintage, t-shirt: well loved

Now I have managed the first one I am feeling more confident about the whole enterprise, although there is a holiday to Barcelona on the horizon which might be a (rather fabulous) hurdle to leap over. Does running from the bar to the restaurant count?

Distance: 2.8km
Time: 14.28
Music: Ministry of Sound Running Trax 2