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Day 25: oh go on then, I’ll do 3km

25 Jan

I was sure I’d left it too late to travel any real distance this morning, but as I left the flat I realised I could probably manage 20 mins, so there was no reason to do a tiny loop. Again as I turned the corner of the first loop and started to face East the sun/sky was doing its magic thing and I perked up a bit and extended my route to take in the small lake in the middle of the park. Turns out the whole way was 3.7km, not too shabby.

Here’s the sky:

The light... with some very good lamposts in the foreground. Well done Viccy Park!

Run towards the light...

Am so excited that it is nearly the end of Janathon, but a bit scared of February! Still haven’t chosen my replacement therapy…

Distance: 3.7km
Time: 16.18
Music: Radio 4 Today Programme

Day 20: intervals in the park

20 Jan

Ouch ouch OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUCH. Because the interval Audiofuel track is only 20 mins, and I had a window of about 20 mins, I thought I might as well commit to some intervals today. PAIN. OUCH. Just about managed it though couldn’t do a 75 second sprint at the top and think I probably did about 60 secs instead.

Still, it meant that I covered 4km much quicker than I normally would have done, and got the heart properly pumping. My legs and bum could just about take it and keep moving but then the walk to work from the final bus stop has pretty much finished me off… think I’ll stay at my desk for the time being.

Distance: 4.3km
Music: Audiofuel Pyramid MAX 200 Interval session

Day 19: sunrise run in the park

19 Jan

I managed to beat the urge to stay in bed this morning and headed out in time to get some distance in before work. I could really feel my legs and bum working as soon as I started, and began a sort of mental battle with myself where I try and persuade myself to do a short run, then argue that I have time for a long one, then agree with myself, then try and persuade.. Etc. Anyway while this thrilling internal battle of wills was playing out I almost didn’t look up and appreciate the most stunning view of the sun rising over the far end of the park. Seriously inspiring. I paused to take a pic and a few other runners turned and smiled in a moment of communal appreciation. It really was enough to spur me on and I did 5k in 29.15 and then .75km more in 3.20.

A good start to the day and to what I hope will be a series of longer runs for the end of Janathon. Plus the scales were on my side this morning and now a total of 5 lbs lost hurrah! Haven’t done the inches yet-Janathoners are we any closer to our pizza treat yet?

Day 12: running on autopilot

12 Jan

I can’t believe it’s now a daily routine for me to haul my carcass (to quote another Janathoner) out of bed, put on my kit and trainers, and run. I know that is the point of #janathon, but it is also insane behaviour. The behaviour of mad people, of (dare I say it) *fit* people, of (shudder) *runners*. And I am not a runner.

No, I am a plodder. And plod I did, albeit at a fairly good pace, around the park, pausing for some lunges (ouch) half way around. It was fine, though my legs do feel heavier than ever. And they haven’t magically transformed into gazelle legs, which is a shame.

I took a picture of the canal for good measure (grey, dreary, wet). As of tomorrow my pictures should get more exciting as I’m off to Barcelona, hurrah! And there’s another first – packing my running shoes for a holiday. Whatever next?

Distance: 4.2km
Time: 22min
Music: Radio 4, Today Programme

Day 8: blue sky, cold air, long run

8 Jan
That's more like it...the canal on day 8 #janathon on Twitpic

Union Canal in Victoria Park Day 8

With the luxury of time today I couldn’t decide whether to head to the gym or the park, but plumped for the park as it seemed simple and straightforward. Once I got going I was glad – the sky was blue and bright and I saw a few fellow runners, some dog walkers and some walkers without dogs and it was lovely.

The uber Yoga left me with really painful hamstrings so I spent a long time stretching before and after the run. I did a long lap of the park and felt good. One of the strange things about janathon so far is that I don’t feel very different on or after the runs compared to how I feel when I only go once or twice a week. Very strange.

Anyway made a good pace, hitting the 5k mark at 28.20 and then carrying on for .75k in 2min15. Then celebrated with a lovely egg brunch with @nwsixDan

One week in to #janathon and I’ve lost 3-4lbs, managed 8 runs, covered 13 miles (a half marathon!) and have been impossibly smug in the company of colleagues and friends. Hurrah!

I’m very much enjoying the #janathon community and the satisfaction of achieving something I’ve set out to do (so far…) Here’s to week two.

Oops: Stats:
Distance: 5.75km
Music: Audiofuel long run “the whole two hours”

Day 6: Oh it’s raining

6 Jan

In the still horrendous stumble out of bed into my kit routine this morning I managed to get dressed, lose my phone, find my phone, lose it again, find it again (with the help of @pneth), and get out of the door without looking up once. And when I finally did I saw the truth. It was raining.

Yuk. I decided to go for a diva soundtrack of Christina Aguilera and Beyonce and aim for a good paced short route so I could get out of the rain as soon as possible. The whole time I was plodding along I had my face all scrunched up like a Shar-pei to keep the rain out of my eyes.

Not a good look. I was so focused on getting there and back that I stepped straight into an epic puddle and had that unique sensation of cold water slowly seeping into my toes as I continued. All of this served as encouragement for finishing as soon as possible so I did two and a half loops of the small bit of the park, making the middle section a sprint.

This was the misty, rainy, dark sky view of the canal this morning.  Can you spot the cyclist supposedly wearing hi vis on the towpath?

View of Union Canal through Victoria Park this morning

The only enjoyable thing about this morning’s effort was finishing. Oh and maybe the tunes I had to encourage me round. I wasn’t sure on the exact time I took but adding up the track listing thus:

Christina Aguilera – Candyman 3.14
Christina Aguilera  – Ain’t no other man – 3.48
Beyonce – Why don’t you love me 3.37
Beyonce – Irreplaceable 3.48
Beyonce – Ring the alarm – 2.23

Totals 15.07, and I was back half way through the last one so I’ve called it 14.40.

On returning I treated myself to lovely runny scrambled eggs on toast. Not just any toast – home made amazing wholemeal bread made by the one and only MsG. A real treat.

I’m looking forward to some longer, more leisurely runs at the weekend – these short distances are great for clocking up some mileage but they are over before I really get into the zone and get the full benefits of a mind-distracting, heart pumping, lungs working work out. No chance of me getting those in before work everyday so this is a good compromise. And week one is nearly done. Well done Janathoners!

Distance: 2.9km
Time: 14.40
Music: Diva playlist (see above)

Day 4: ouch and intervals

4 Jan

The cold, grey sky over the Union Canal Victoria Park this morning

This morning I really really didn’t want to go – my legs ached, my bed was so cosy and it was cold and dark outside. Moaning and grumbling and staggering around my room I somehow managed to get my kit together, which is always the hardest bit. Once I was out the door the magic happened and my legs agreed to go one in front of the other.

I started off with Radio 4 again but it wasn’t giving me the proverbial kick up the arse I needed so after a 5 minute jog I switched to Audiofuel and decided I would keep the distance short and do interval training instead. Possibly slightly mental decision as I always feel the burn hard after intervals, but they do feel like good “value for money” – the ratio of time spent to energy burnt is good.

Off I went pelting around for 30, then 45, then 60, then 75 seconds, with a 60 second interval inbetween each. I love it when the voice coach tells me to “stick to the beat”, and even more when he says the magic words “and reeeeeeeeeeeeelax” after each sprint. Somehow made it round and even added a bit extra on the way home to get the final sprint in. I didn’t come all the way “back down” the pyramid but still happy with what I did.

After a morning at work I must say I’m feeling much more tired than I have done so far (even though I was at work yesterday) and my legs are a bit wobbly. Planning something hearty  for lunch to keep me going this pm (and tomorrow of course…ugh)

And apparently I should have seen a partial solar eclipse this morning but there was no chance in the hideous grey mist. Look at the canal! Here’s hoping I can still move on day 5 tomorrow.

Distance: 3.4km
Time: 18mins (intervals)
Music: Radio 4, then Audiofuel Pyramid 200 Max Interval Programme