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Day 25: oh go on then, I’ll do 3km

25 Jan

I was sure I’d left it too late to travel any real distance this morning, but as I left the flat I realised I could probably manage 20 mins, so there was no reason to do a tiny loop. Again as I turned the corner of the first loop and started to face East the sun/sky was doing its magic thing and I perked up a bit and extended my route to take in the small lake in the middle of the park. Turns out the whole way was 3.7km, not too shabby.

Here’s the sky:

The light... with some very good lamposts in the foreground. Well done Viccy Park!

Run towards the light...

Am so excited that it is nearly the end of Janathon, but a bit scared of February! Still haven’t chosen my replacement therapy…

Distance: 3.7km
Time: 16.18
Music: Radio 4 Today Programme

Day 19: sunrise run in the park

19 Jan

I managed to beat the urge to stay in bed this morning and headed out in time to get some distance in before work. I could really feel my legs and bum working as soon as I started, and began a sort of mental battle with myself where I try and persuade myself to do a short run, then argue that I have time for a long one, then agree with myself, then try and persuade.. Etc. Anyway while this thrilling internal battle of wills was playing out I almost didn’t look up and appreciate the most stunning view of the sun rising over the far end of the park. Seriously inspiring. I paused to take a pic and a few other runners turned and smiled in a moment of communal appreciation. It really was enough to spur me on and I did 5k in 29.15 and then .75km more in 3.20.

A good start to the day and to what I hope will be a series of longer runs for the end of Janathon. Plus the scales were on my side this morning and now a total of 5 lbs lost hurrah! Haven’t done the inches yet-Janathoners are we any closer to our pizza treat yet?