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Day 27: brrrrrrrrrrrrrr

27 Jan

My goodness it was cold this morning. Even with a thinsulate hat, a long sleeved runnng top, a jumper and windbreaker on I was shivering, and then I felt – could that be?surely not, yes it is! – SNOWFLAKES falling on me. I wasn’t sure but then radio 4 informed me that there was “light snowfall” today, and they were right! It was at this announcement that I decided it was right to curb my route and turn back – running in the park means there are lots of options for when to turn and trudge.

I tucked my hands into my windbreaker and kept my head down and sped up on the way home. Then my housemate MsG was lucky enough to discover me mid-plank when she came downstairs this morning. Ooh the burn. I did three normal ones and two side planks (side planks are evil), just because I seems I have a thing for pain, and it seemed like a good use of three minutes.

Hurrah for the magic words “Day 27”!

Music: Radio 4 Today Programme