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Day 27: brrrrrrrrrrrrrr

27 Jan

My goodness it was cold this morning. Even with a thinsulate hat, a long sleeved runnng top, a jumper and windbreaker on I was shivering, and then I felt – could that be?surely not, yes it is! – SNOWFLAKES falling on me. I wasn’t sure but then radio 4 informed me that there was “light snowfall” today, and they were right! It was at this announcement that I decided it was right to curb my route and turn back – running in the park means there are lots of options for when to turn and trudge.

I tucked my hands into my windbreaker and kept my head down and sped up on the way home. Then my housemate MsG was lucky enough to discover me mid-plank when she came downstairs this morning. Ooh the burn. I did three normal ones and two side planks (side planks are evil), just because I seems I have a thing for pain, and it seemed like a good use of three minutes.

Hurrah for the magic words “Day 27”!

Music: Radio 4 Today Programme

Day 12: running on autopilot

12 Jan

I can’t believe it’s now a daily routine for me to haul my carcass (to quote another Janathoner) out of bed, put on my kit and trainers, and run. I know that is the point of #janathon, but it is also insane behaviour. The behaviour of mad people, of (dare I say it) *fit* people, of (shudder) *runners*. And I am not a runner.

No, I am a plodder. And plod I did, albeit at a fairly good pace, around the park, pausing for some lunges (ouch) half way around. It was fine, though my legs do feel heavier than ever. And they haven’t magically transformed into gazelle legs, which is a shame.

I took a picture of the canal for good measure (grey, dreary, wet). As of tomorrow my pictures should get more exciting as I’m off to Barcelona, hurrah! And there’s another first – packing my running shoes for a holiday. Whatever next?

Distance: 4.2km
Time: 22min
Music: Radio 4, Today Programme

Day three: back on familiar ground

3 Jan

The Union Canal at the Approach Road entrance to Victoria Park

It wasn’t easy to get up and out this morning and there was a familiar lurch in my stomach as the alarm went off – and a lurch in my thighs come to think of it, though that’s possibly down to the hour I spent tensing them in terror while ice skating yesterday – but once I’d scrambled around for some running gear (finding something both clean and warm turned out to be a challenge) I stepped out of my flat and headed for Victoria park – my usual running territory.

It was only upon arrival that I remembered that today is a bank holiday, only passing four other runners and one dog walker and none of the usual commuters on their way to the station. A very nice quiet 4.1km, and I chose to listen to the Today programme on Radio 4, for a change, which meant I could hear my breathing and my footsteps (and some chat about housing prices) as I pootled around the shortest route I like to take in the park, which includes a lovely view of the lake.

The best bit of my park runs is always crossing the Union Canal at the end. Because it is at the end, of course, but also because the view never fails to look really pretty (see above, taken this morning). But because I enter and leave the park at this spot, I always see this stretch of canal, the boats moored and the trees on either side making it look a bit like I’m in the *gasp* countryside. And I love watching the seasons change – it was only recently there was ice all along the way.

Meanwhile apart from the cold which was biting (especially on my bare ankles – must find some more full length leggings) it was a lovely start to the day. And I made it into work on time. Yes, no bank holiday for me. Sob. Actually it’s because I’m saving days for my Barcelona trip, so mustn’t grumble.

So three days in, and feeling none too shabby. The words “only 28 more” still send a shiver down my spine but one step at a time seems an appropriate mantra for this challenge and that’s what I’ll stick to.

Here’s the route:

Distance: 4.1km
Time: 21.15
Music: The Today programme, Radio 4