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Day 26: if it wasn’t Janathon…

26 Jan

… there’s no WAY I would have gone for a run this morning if I didn’t HAVE to by the laws of Janathon. Eventually NwSixDan and I trudged out of the door and stood there, shivering on the pavement as if we were about to dive into an ice bath.

“Go on then” he nudged.

“You go”, I said.

We stood.

“Oh, fine” I caved and started the run – surely the hardest part.

I always find the first 60 seconds really really tough. Then there comes a moment where I find my stride and suddenly I’m off (the fastest you ever did see a Snail run), and could keep going for…well, let’s not get too optimistic…for “a while”. In fact after we’d completed the little loop (2.6km) I felt full of energy and had it not been so late I think I could have done it again.

It’s so exciting, being in the last week of Janathon. It’s a curious acheivement to talk to other people about, (Why is it that the first thing anyone asks when I tell them is “well, can you just lie?”) not as sexy as a marathon perhaps, but I’ll be glad to say I’ve done it. And I’ve learnt a few things – the main thing being that I can fit a run in even if I only have half an hour or so to spare, and that I am not in a *terrible* state fitness wise. Also that you can only wear the same top running three times before the smell is overwhelming, and that squats hurt more than lunges.

Today’s stats:

Music: Rihanna