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Day 31: THE END

31 Jan

HURRAH! HUZZAZLE! WOOPEEEEE! It’s over! Finished. Done. Over.

I wanted to finish on a high, do a 10k or smack out some hardcore interval training, but being a Monday that was never going to happen. Yesterday’s glorious long meadow run will have to serve as the glamorous finish, and today’s pre-work 2.7km will have to be the post pudding coffee; the after-eight of the running banquet.

To mix it up we decided to do the route…backwards. How daring! No, not actually running backwards, just doing the route from finish to start for a change..

This meant starting on a long uphill which I really couldn’t be bothered for, but finishing on a nice and perky downhill (and a sprint for good measure). The first song to come on my running playlist was Ultra Nate – Free. An excellent inspirational song and apt. Even though Janathon was something I chose to do and was never actually “imprisoned” by, it’s a great feeling knowing a)that I managed it and b)that it is over.

So, children, what have I learnt this month?

  • That I have more self-discipline than I had previously thought – to convert those spare 20 minutes in my morning routine from a lie-in into a 3.5km.
  • That the lyrics of club anthems are hilariously inane (cf “I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love….I wanna do it”.)
  • That running in the morning doesn’t actually affect a working day that much.
  • That I really enjoy running, especially longer runs, and that I want to do a 10k and maybe even more.
  • That I have no interest in maintaining a personal blog, but that logging runs with an online community is a big motivator.
  • That running does convert fat into muscle (last time I checked I’d lost 4cm off my stomach) but isn’t amazing for “weight loss” (6lbs.. though I may have to update this as haven’t weighed/measured this week yet)

Finally I would like to thank all my blog visitors (I had my 1000th unique visitor today!),  my fellow Janathoners for their inspiration and brilliant blogs (you are all much more motivated to write than I am…and it’s meant to be my job), JogBlog for organising and managing the whole bloody thing, Audiofuel for encouraging us along the way…my housemates Ms_G and Pneth for putting up with my smelly kit and me blabbering on about running, my brother and family for their support, and finally my running partners: NwSixDan, Zliv, Ad, JPB… it’s been emotional. Thanks for coming with me! Now some number crunching…


Today’s run:
Music: Ultra Nate and friends…

Total distance: 110km on the nose (68.4 miles)

Total time spent running: 9.7 hours (not sure how that timing works but that’s what it tells me)

Longest run: 4.6 miles/7.5km

Shortest run: 1.3miles

Fastest mile: 7.05 mins

Locations of runs: Bethnal Green (Victoria Park and the gym), West Hampstead/Fortune Green, Brixton/Clapham, Oxford and Barcelona (El Masnou)

Falls: none, hurrah (one very very near miss = flying squirrel impression)

Great sunrises: Three

Calories burnt: 7,700 (approx… about 250 a day..)


Day 30: Oxford meadows

30 Jan

Today was a fabulous run on the canal and meadows with my lovely running team, and it became my longest run..ever! Ad was a great “coach”, making us sprint three times in the last k.

At one point as we ran through the nature park there was so much mud I was sure I’d fall..didn’t quite but am sure I got an extra core workout just from trying to stay upright! I felt great on the run-gorgeous views and a bit of sunshine and the satisfaction of improved fitness levels..

Blogging on the go, so this will be short. Now off to stuff our faces…

Music:Ministry of Sound…

Day 28: still bloody cold

28 Jan

Why have things taken such a turn for the worse weather wise? It was freeeeeezing this morning. Not even the Arsenal hat NwSixDan gave me could help. Brrr. Not nice.

Still up and out we went for the now “usual” Fortune Green run. (route here) Just short and sweet, enough to get the lungs going and the legs working, but short enough to still have breakfast and get to work afterwards.

Can’t believe there are only three “mandatory” runs left. Janathon, it’s been emotional. Actually, it hasn’t been that emotional, and running these rather paltry distances I must say it hasn’t been too hard, either…it’s the anticipation and motivation that is the hardest part. But STILL, I’m excited about a lie in, and a sense of achievement. A good start to the year.

Distance: 2.4km
Music: Ministry of Sound Running Trax 2
PLUS my runningfree profile says I’ve covered 61 miles this month! Sure it’s not 387 miles (the leader of the leaderboard, athlete and all round MACHINE local_adventures) but it’s more than I’ve done before…ever)

Day 26: if it wasn’t Janathon…

26 Jan

… there’s no WAY I would have gone for a run this morning if I didn’t HAVE to by the laws of Janathon. Eventually NwSixDan and I trudged out of the door and stood there, shivering on the pavement as if we were about to dive into an ice bath.

“Go on then” he nudged.

“You go”, I said.

We stood.

“Oh, fine” I caved and started the run – surely the hardest part.

I always find the first 60 seconds really really tough. Then there comes a moment where I find my stride and suddenly I’m off (the fastest you ever did see a Snail run), and could keep going for…well, let’s not get too optimistic…for “a while”. In fact after we’d completed the little loop (2.6km) I felt full of energy and had it not been so late I think I could have done it again.

It’s so exciting, being in the last week of Janathon. It’s a curious acheivement to talk to other people about, (Why is it that the first thing anyone asks when I tell them is “well, can you just lie?”) not as sexy as a marathon perhaps, but I’ll be glad to say I’ve done it. And I’ve learnt a few things – the main thing being that I can fit a run in even if I only have half an hour or so to spare, and that I am not in a *terrible* state fitness wise. Also that you can only wear the same top running three times before the smell is overwhelming, and that squats hurt more than lunges.

Today’s stats:

Music: Rihanna

Day 25: oh go on then, I’ll do 3km

25 Jan

I was sure I’d left it too late to travel any real distance this morning, but as I left the flat I realised I could probably manage 20 mins, so there was no reason to do a tiny loop. Again as I turned the corner of the first loop and started to face East the sun/sky was doing its magic thing and I perked up a bit and extended my route to take in the small lake in the middle of the park. Turns out the whole way was 3.7km, not too shabby.

Here’s the sky:

The light... with some very good lamposts in the foreground. Well done Viccy Park!

Run towards the light...

Am so excited that it is nearly the end of Janathon, but a bit scared of February! Still haven’t chosen my replacement therapy…

Distance: 3.7km
Time: 16.18
Music: Radio 4 Today Programme

Day 24: ouch

24 Jan

This morning I felt the burn of my Personal Training session yesterday and had to be pushed out of bed to complete my Janathon duties. In the end I popped on some Black Eyed Peas and got out the door. Managed 2.6km and felt much more awake and much, much, more achey for it. I wonder if I should mix things up a bit as I’m getting slightly bored by the routine.

Meanwhile something the PT said yesterday has got me thinking. He said I shouldn’t be running in the mornings without eating an hour before, because my body will have been starved for 13 hours and will not be burning at its best metabolic rate (or something). However, this article by Peta Bee in The Times (£) says “Forget about the energy drinks and cereal bars to boost exercise. To shed those pounds, fast before activity”.  Citing an article in the BMJ, Bee says that glycogen stores and insulin are very low in the morning before eating, so if you exercise then fat burning is higher than if you had eaten. The potential downsides are that you might get tired more quickly, and so workout less than if you had eaten beforehand, and that you might overeat afterwards because you are so hungry.

I actually find it nicer to run on an empty stomach – unless I can eat in good time before I run, I’m really aware of the food and drink in my stomach weighing me down a bit. If I was doing an event or running later in the day I would definitely eat first. But there’s no way I’d fit a run in before work if I had to get up an hour earlier and eat first. Janathoners’ thoughts welcome…

Distance: 2.6km
Time: 12mins
Music: Black Eyed Peas and Cheryl Cole (!)

Day 20: intervals in the park

20 Jan

Ouch ouch OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUCH. Because the interval Audiofuel track is only 20 mins, and I had a window of about 20 mins, I thought I might as well commit to some intervals today. PAIN. OUCH. Just about managed it though couldn’t do a 75 second sprint at the top and think I probably did about 60 secs instead.

Still, it meant that I covered 4km much quicker than I normally would have done, and got the heart properly pumping. My legs and bum could just about take it and keep moving but then the walk to work from the final bus stop has pretty much finished me off… think I’ll stay at my desk for the time being.

Distance: 4.3km
Music: Audiofuel Pyramid MAX 200 Interval session