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Day 28: still bloody cold

28 Jan

Why have things taken such a turn for the worse weather wise? It was freeeeeezing this morning. Not even the Arsenal hat NwSixDan gave me could help. Brrr. Not nice.

Still up and out we went for the now “usual” Fortune Green run. (route here) Just short and sweet, enough to get the lungs going and the legs working, but short enough to still have breakfast and get to work afterwards.

Can’t believe there are only three “mandatory” runs left. Janathon, it’s been emotional. Actually, it hasn’t been that emotional, and running these rather paltry distances I must say it hasn’t been too hard, either…it’s the anticipation and motivation that is the hardest part. But STILL, I’m excited about a lie in, and a sense of achievement. A good start to the year.

Distance: 2.4km
Music: Ministry of Sound Running Trax 2
PLUS my runningfree profile says I’ve covered 61 miles this month! Sure it’s not 387 miles (the leader of the leaderboard, athlete and all round MACHINE local_adventures) but it’s more than I’ve done before…ever)

Day 5: early morning face-freeze

5 Jan

This morning went a bit like this:

Alarm-ugh-groan-snooze-alarm-groan-snooze-alarm-yuk-do I have to?-ok-fine-will you come with me Dan?-yes?-go on-ok great-off we go-where’s my kit-on the floor-great-same route again?-yup-not maybe a bit shorter?-well let’s see -ok-groan-ouch-chug chug chug, plod plod plod – ow my face is so cold – here we go again – phew.

Made it. Same (West Hampstead) route, same time.

Followed it up with a nice hefty plate of scrambled eggs and off to work again. Not bad at all and happy to have clocked another 2.8km – short but it all adds up. I took some body measurements last night as I thought it would be interesting to see if all this running has any positive impact this month. I won’t post them in full on here (some things are not for sharing, thank you), but will do some weekly updates as to whether owt has changed. Mind you if I go for a run 31 days in a row and there aren’t any changes to my weight or size I will be asking #janathon for some sort of compensation.

Stats (running stats)
Distance: 2.8km
Time: 14.35
Music: Beyonce medley

Day three: back on familiar ground

3 Jan

The Union Canal at the Approach Road entrance to Victoria Park

It wasn’t easy to get up and out this morning and there was a familiar lurch in my stomach as the alarm went off – and a lurch in my thighs come to think of it, though that’s possibly down to the hour I spent tensing them in terror while ice skating yesterday – but once I’d scrambled around for some running gear (finding something both clean and warm turned out to be a challenge) I stepped out of my flat and headed for Victoria park – my usual running territory.

It was only upon arrival that I remembered that today is a bank holiday, only passing four other runners and one dog walker and none of the usual commuters on their way to the station. A very nice quiet 4.1km, and I chose to listen to the Today programme on Radio 4, for a change, which meant I could hear my breathing and my footsteps (and some chat about housing prices) as I pootled around the shortest route I like to take in the park, which includes a lovely view of the lake.

The best bit of my park runs is always crossing the Union Canal at the end. Because it is at the end, of course, but also because the view never fails to look really pretty (see above, taken this morning). But because I enter and leave the park at this spot, I always see this stretch of canal, the boats moored and the trees on either side making it look a bit like I’m in the *gasp* countryside. And I love watching the seasons change – it was only recently there was ice all along the way.

Meanwhile apart from the cold which was biting (especially on my bare ankles – must find some more full length leggings) it was a lovely start to the day. And I made it into work on time. Yes, no bank holiday for me. Sob. Actually it’s because I’m saving days for my Barcelona trip, so mustn’t grumble.

So three days in, and feeling none too shabby. The words “only 28 more” still send a shiver down my spine but one step at a time seems an appropriate mantra for this challenge and that’s what I’ll stick to.

Here’s the route:

Distance: 4.1km
Time: 21.15
Music: The Today programme, Radio 4

Run one: West Hampstead quickie

1 Jan

And so it came to pass that I woke up at midday on New Year’s Day, three tequila shots (and the rest) still far too present in my system and said to @NwSixDan “ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhfffffffffffffnnnnnnnnnnnnn”. And then a while later I managed to moan “do you want to come with me then?” And thankfully he did, because he persuaded me that I didn’t need to start the month with a hefty 5k or more, and that a newly devised local 3k would do.

In the end we both felt much better for having been. Despite rarely going running, @NwSixDan keeps a great pace so I plodded along just behind him on the slightly drab rather urban route past his old school playing grounds to Fortune Green and back down Mill Lane. Last time I wore my usual kit but with gloves to keep out the cold, and this time I wore a hat instead. While I soon warmed up, my hands were still too cold so I think I’ll switch back to the gloves instead. Thrilling details that can surely only be of interest to other Janathoners.

There are 170 of us now, and it was really encouraging to read their tweets this morning before I left (and turned on that natural competitive engine that forced me out of the door). Am really looking forward to reading everyone’s blogs.

Here we are are about to set off:

Shoes: Adidas, leggings: Nike, windbreaker: Adidas, hat: Nike, cold hands: model's own.

Trainers: old, tracksuit bottoms: ripped, base layer: vintage, t-shirt: well loved

Now I have managed the first one I am feeling more confident about the whole enterprise, although there is a holiday to Barcelona on the horizon which might be a (rather fabulous) hurdle to leap over. Does running from the bar to the restaurant count?

Distance: 2.8km
Time: 14.28
Music: Ministry of Sound Running Trax 2