Day 24: ouch

24 Jan

This morning I felt the burn of my Personal Training session yesterday and had to be pushed out of bed to complete my Janathon duties. In the end I popped on some Black Eyed Peas and got out the door. Managed 2.6km and felt much more awake and much, much, more achey for it. I wonder if I should mix things up a bit as I’m getting slightly bored by the routine.

Meanwhile something the PT said yesterday has got me thinking. He said I shouldn’t be running in the mornings without eating an hour before, because my body will have been starved for 13 hours and will not be burning at its best metabolic rate (or something). However, this article by Peta Bee in The Times (£) says “Forget about the energy drinks and cereal bars to boost exercise. To shed those pounds, fast before activity”.  Citing an article in the BMJ, Bee says that glycogen stores and insulin are very low in the morning before eating, so if you exercise then fat burning is higher than if you had eaten. The potential downsides are that you might get tired more quickly, and so workout less than if you had eaten beforehand, and that you might overeat afterwards because you are so hungry.

I actually find it nicer to run on an empty stomach – unless I can eat in good time before I run, I’m really aware of the food and drink in my stomach weighing me down a bit. If I was doing an event or running later in the day I would definitely eat first. But there’s no way I’d fit a run in before work if I had to get up an hour earlier and eat first. Janathoners’ thoughts welcome…

Distance: 2.6km
Time: 12mins
Music: Black Eyed Peas and Cheryl Cole (!)

Day 23: gym session

23 Jan

When I signed up for my re-induction to the gym I put my name on the list for a free personal training session (why not..) and today I had that session, with a trainer called Abul.

He did a lot of talking, pinched my fat, and drew little graphs and pictures of fat and muscle mass. But he did also make me sweat-heaving kettlebells all over the place. He was quite scathing of Janathon and said I should be doing more weights. So far, so personal trainer. But he did also say he was impressed with my strength, fitness and flexibility. So now I am too!

He didn’t quite convince me to spend my money on him, though the log book he has of all his clients and their stats was bloody impressive.

After our session of weights I headed for the trusty treadmill and clocked a 5.75km run. It wasn’t an amazing time-5km mark was about 31min and I then jogged at an incline for another 6min. I was distracted by Super Nanny on the built in telly (is she just a massive cow or a genius? Can’t tell), and a bit tired. But still felt good to have it signed off.

Rest of the evening brings food with Uni friends. Lovely end to a nice relaxed weekend.

Super Nanny!

Day 22: saturday morning runners

22 Jan

Today I was initiated into the community of weekday runners who look down their nose at the hordes of Saturday runners clogging the park and raise an eyebrow.. “where were you at 7am on Wednesday, hmm?”

I actually rather enjoyed the company of the scores of boys and girls out in the park this morning. There were two men running together who I overtook early on, thinking it was a bit weird as I wasn’t going particularly fast. Then I paused to redo my shoelace, and they shot past me. Undeterred, I pushed on with the sole aim of keeping them within my line of vision. This actually brought my pace right up, and I got to 5k in a good time-and only a few metres behind them. Then they carried on, and I realised they were going to do at least two loops of the park. They must have been doing what I believe is called in the trade “starting slowly”. Oh.

Anyway I was glad to have them as pacemakers. I stopped on my way home to pick up the papers and food for a lazy brunch. A lovely Saturday.

Music:Audiofuel long run

Day 21: A helicopter in the park

21 Jan

The sun over Victoria Park this morning

This morning I was treated to two rather extraordinary sights. One was a similarly spectacular sky to the sunrise earlier this week, which was a good excuse for me to stop and take a picture (and take a breather). The other was a huge chinook style army helicopter landing in the park. It was surreal, creating an enormous racket as it circled lower and lower and eventually landed. Unfortunately that bit of the park was beyond my eyeline so couldn’t see if there was anyone getting out or being picked up. When I got back home I then saw two of them circling the sky. Very weird. Someone once told me it is used by the Royals if they ever need to land by helicopter. Anyone got any ideas about why else it would be? An invasion of East London?

Anyway, the run. It was fine. I just did 3k as I left the house a bit late, but tried to keep it vaguely pacey. In the end it was about 17mins which is an 8.32 minute mile. Not amazing over such a short distance but I am really knackered so it’s not completely awful…

I love being able to write “Day 21” now. It is so close to the home straight! I’m going to try and have some nice long runs this weekend, and enjoy the last few days. I think I might (whispier it) “miss” Janathon and like the other Janathoners my thoughts are turning to February. One plan of mine is to aim for 4 longer runs a week of minimum 5k (long for me). Another was to try and do some sort of sit up/plank/abs challenge every day. Another is to eat my body weight in fried potato. Which shall it be?

Distance: 3.2km
Music: Radio 4 Today Programme

Day 20: intervals in the park

20 Jan

Ouch ouch OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUCH. Because the interval Audiofuel track is only 20 mins, and I had a window of about 20 mins, I thought I might as well commit to some intervals today. PAIN. OUCH. Just about managed it though couldn’t do a 75 second sprint at the top and think I probably did about 60 secs instead.

Still, it meant that I covered 4km much quicker than I normally would have done, and got the heart properly pumping. My legs and bum could just about take it and keep moving but then the walk to work from the final bus stop has pretty much finished me off… think I’ll stay at my desk for the time being.

Distance: 4.3km
Music: Audiofuel Pyramid MAX 200 Interval session

Day 19: sunrise run in the park

19 Jan

I managed to beat the urge to stay in bed this morning and headed out in time to get some distance in before work. I could really feel my legs and bum working as soon as I started, and began a sort of mental battle with myself where I try and persuade myself to do a short run, then argue that I have time for a long one, then agree with myself, then try and persuade.. Etc. Anyway while this thrilling internal battle of wills was playing out I almost didn’t look up and appreciate the most stunning view of the sun rising over the far end of the park. Seriously inspiring. I paused to take a pic and a few other runners turned and smiled in a moment of communal appreciation. It really was enough to spur me on and I did 5k in 29.15 and then .75km more in 3.20.

A good start to the day and to what I hope will be a series of longer runs for the end of Janathon. Plus the scales were on my side this morning and now a total of 5 lbs lost hurrah! Haven’t done the inches yet-Janathoners are we any closer to our pizza treat yet?

Day 18: home, cold home (well almost)

18 Jan

Bit of a shock to the system this morning, forcing myself out of bed at 7.30 to get a run in before work. Lovely NwSixDan came with me AGAIN. The man deserves a rest day.

Nothing very exciting to report; we managed 1.5 miles in 13.41. The “usual” route from his flat up to Fortune Green and back, but with a little bit lopped off so we could get it over with sooner! A pretty poor pace but not bad the day after a 6km + a lot of  travelling, late night, etc. I know I’m lucky that I start work at ten so even when I have to get up “early” to run before work it’s never usually before 7.30am, but still it’s so hard when the alarm goes off and you know you could just sleep, just for a bit more, just 40 more minutes…..ugh.

Feel fine for it now though and think it has done a good job of lessening the pain of starting work again today.

Distance: 2.4km/1.5 miles
Time: 13.41
Music: Audiofuel Shoot The Breeze